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The Snowdon

Re-engineered for 2018 the Snowdon® is a large format, interlocking clay tile, which looks like a natural slate.  It’s improved riven (textured) surface, rectangular format and dressed edges mean that it is closer than ever to the appearance of a natural quarried slate.  Its clay composition means that the Snowdon's colour will be permanent and unfading for decades to come!  Available in a range of colours, the Snowdon is available in the standard enamel finish, and also a revolutionary inkjet printed finish.  This printed finish can be in a plain colour or can be made bespoke to match an existing or replacement roof covering. 

When it comes to value for money and quality Snowdon is the market leader, it is simple and cost effective to install with just over 10 tiles required per square metre with no sorting or grading required (this is in contrast to traditional slating which requires 20 tiles per square metre with extensive sorting and grading). 

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  • Snowdon Natrual Black
  • Snowdon Heather

The Snowdon is suitable for pitches down to 17.5 degrees but may also be used down to pitches as low as 12.5 degrees* (*please consult the LBS technical dept before commencing any work). 

The Snowdon must be fully fitted to comply with BS 5534: 2014 + A2:2018 and S.R. 82: 2017. LBS Snowdon Clay has been designed and tested by LBS in partnership with our manufacturer, specifically with the harsh UK and Irish climate in mind. 


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