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Sierra Slate

Sierra natural slate is an exceptional quality slate and one of the very best options available from North West Spain. It is a flat, smooth blue grey slate which is mined (as opposed to open quarried) in deep slate tunnels near to Ourense, Galicia and is a popular seller throughout the UK and Ireland. It is readily available in both 50×25 and 60×30 dimensions.

The Sierra slate is sold, not only in the UK and Ireland, but all over the world and indeed is a market leader in Germany which has some of the strictest quality criteria for natural slates anywhere in the world.

The Sierra Spanish slate is a very consistent natural slate and requires minimal grading, making it a popular choice for roofing contractors, self-builders and architects.  Available in Premium 5mm or Heavy 7mm.

Sierra Slates fully comply with BS 12326-1:2014 (W1, S1, T1), and come with a full quarry backed guarantee. 


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Slate Colour and Finish Blue/Grey, Very Smooth
Available in Sizes 50x25, 50x30, 60x30
Available in Grades Premium or Heavy
Nominal Thickness 5mm & 7mm
Minimum Pitch 22.5 deg for standard 100mm h/lap (for pitches below 22.5 deg please consult LBS Technical Dept)
Maximum Headlap All LBS slates are holed for 100mm head-lap
Alternative Headlaps For availability and advice please contact LBS
Gauge 200mm for slate pre-holed for 100mm head-lap
Batten Size Please refer to BS 5534 or SR 82:2017
Nails Copper, Aluminium or Silicon Bronze


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